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Yoga and Ayurveda are intrinsically connected sister sciences, steeped in thousands of years of tradition. Deepening your understanding of Ayurveda can help you deepen your yoga practice and transform your sense of well-being. Shop our best-sellers with your Yoga Alliance code and take your Ayurvedic journey to the next level.



We encourage you to start by taking the Ayurvedic Profile™ quiz to learn about your Ayurvedic constitution and the doshas—vata, pitta, and kapha. You'll also learn about your current imbalances and receive Ayurvedic resources and recommendations to get you back into balance.

At Banyan Botanicals, we love supporting yogis! Don't forget to use your YA member discount. The discount code is updated monthly, so please login to the YA member perks area to retrieve your monthly discount code for 25% off retail pricing.

Additionally, we offer Wholesale accounts to qualified yoga professionals, you can learn more here: banyanbotanicals.com/professional.