Banyan Graphic Designer, Jamie

Jamie headshotSenior Graphic Designer

Constitution: Pitta-Kapha
Currently Resides: Ashland, OR
Hometown: Maple Grove, MN




Jamie has a professional background in graphic design. Her interest in Banyan began as an effort to play a more integral role in the well-being of others. Her passions include yoga, music, science fiction, and experiencing nature. She recently moved to Ashland from her family farm in the Applegate Valley and is very excited to start her next phase in this adventure of life.

How has Ayurveda changed your life?

I was introduced to Ayurveda amidst a year-long yoga immersion through the Om Sweet Om School of Yoga. My first personal experience with Ayurveda was with a group cleanse. Before that experience, I don’t think I ever realized how much the food we consume, and everything else we consume, can affect our life.

Which Banyan products are you currently using and why?

I am currently using a combination of Triphala, Blood Cleanse, and Liver Formula. I find that most of my imbalances stem from issues with my liver, and the Blood Cleanse has really helped me with pitta imbalances showing up in the skin.

When are you most likely to go out of balance and how do you bring yourself back in balance using Ayurveda?

I find that my vikriti changes almost daily, so I’ve found that setting a routine helps me pinpoint those changes. I have been described in the past as being an empath, and often it’s my emotional or mental ama that causes imbalances. Yoga has helped tremendously with my kapha imbalances, and helps me to shed the emotions I may have picked up throughout the day or week that aren’t mine to carry. My Ayurvedic practitioner initially helped me realize how my diet and habits affect my well-being. I’ve since drastically changed my diet and can tell quickly when foods aren’t benefitting me.

Favorite place in the world?

The middle of a redwood forest

Favorite hobbies?

Knitting, photography, reading, and being outside in nature

Favorite book?

The Harry Potter series!

Favorite sattvic meal / recipe?

My favorite recipe comes from the book Eat, Taste, Heal: An Ayurvedic Cookbook for Modern Living. I started making their Ratatouille recipe about 2 years ago, and I can’t get enough.