Laura Plumb

Laura Plumb

Constitution: V2.P4.K3
Currently Resides: USA
Hometown: California (I am moving soon, to land in either West Marin or Carmel)

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Laura Plumb is a master teacher in numerous fields of the ancient science of life that arises from the vedas and brings us yoga, Ayurveda, and jyotish. Laura is a Vedic Healer, Ayurvedic Consultant, Yoga Teacher, Jyotish Master, Life Coach, and well-followed blogger on Ayurvedic Nutrition. She has studied the world over with some of the greatest luminaries of our time. She offers classes and consultations in Ayurveda, jyotish, yoga therapy, whole-food cooking and nutrition, and life coaching. Her blog is an inspirational resource for sacred, sumptuous living.

How were you introduced to Ayurveda?

Thirty years ago, I was introduced to natural medicine and herbology to help with my asthma/allergies. I’ve since studied with shamans, curanderas, nutritional foodies, and medicine men and women the world over. When I first read Dr. Frawley’s book, Yoga and Ayurveda, it made perfect sense and it brought all these healing traditions into one profound system of integrated wisdom and science.

How has Ayurveda changed your life?

Ayurveda has provided an elegant template for my own healing and wellness as well as to serve and uplift others as an Ayurvedic practitioner.

Which Banyan product(s) are your currently using and why?

Healthy Skin and Soothing Skin Balm; I Travel Well; 7 Herb Energy and Ginger tinctures. I also love Beauty Balm, Mahanarayan oil, Women’s Support, and Banyan’s Triphala.

When are you most likely to go out of balance and how do you bring yourself back in balance using Ayurveda?

Simply put, I am most likely to go out of balance when I let myself get overscheduled. To balance that, I take great self-care—emphasizing morning abhyanga, lengthening morning meditation, slowing down even further over meals, and luxuriating in a rose-filled mineral bath before bed. Then I find a day to get in the kitchen and make a seasonal vegetable kitchari or something special for friends, because nothing is more restorative than quiet, creative time with Mother Nature’s loving bounty.

Favorite place in the world?

Upriver on the Ganges, in the foothills of the Himalayas, in the pristine majesty of nature, where you feel yourself in the lap of the Divine Mother.

Favorite book?

The Upanishads

Favorite quote?

“What you seek is seeking you.” —Rumi

“I wish I could show you, when you are lonely or in the darkness, the astonishing light of your own being. “ —Hafiz

“Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves, like locked rooms and like books that are now written in a very foreign tongue. Do not now seek the answers, which cannot be given you because you would not be able to live them. And the point is, to live everything. Live the questions now. Perhaps you will then gradually, without noticing it, live along some distant day into the answer.” —Rainer Maria Rilke

Who inspires you?

Vandana Shiva. I am so lucky to get to see her in India once a year, and every year I tell her the same thing. “You are my hero.” What more can one say to someone that brilliant and brave?