Anjali Deva, AP

Anjali Deva, AP

Ayurvedic Practitioner

Vata Pitta
Constitution: Vata-Pitta

Anjali Deva is an Ayurvedic practitioner, writer, and teacher in Los Angeles, California. Her private practice, Rooted Rasa, specializes in understanding anxiety, depression, PTSD, digestive disorders, and women’s health from a holistic and integrative understanding. Her strong passion for digestion and mental health provides others with a holistic approach to find their inner harmony and resilience for healing. Personally influenced by using food as medicine, daily and seasonal routines, western herbalism, Buddhist philosophy, and breath-based practices, her approach to Ayurveda is gentle and compassionate. Anjali believes strongly in the importance of connection and the need to heal in community. She is dedicated to sharing the Wisdom of Ayurveda for the benefit of all living beings. Find her at

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Anjali’s Experience and Education

Anjali Deva has been greatly fortunate to have been introduced to Ayurveda and Yoga at a young age by her father and mentor, Arun Deva (and even started practicing yoga at age five!). Her familial lineage is rich with the desire to preserve and maintain these healing arts.

Driven by her aspiration to better understand the connection between food and mood, she has trained with Kerala Ayurveda Academy, Loyola Marymount’s Yoga and the Healing Sciences Program, and with various teachers both in the United States and India. Her clinical experience began at Hope Integrative Psychiatry overseen by Omid Naim, MD, where she worked from 2014–2019.

Upcoming Events

Anjali offers individual courses as well as an integrative Ayurvedic wellness counselor program! Learn more.

Anjali's Point of View

When are you most likely to go out of balance and how do you bring yourself back in balance using Ayurveda?

Summertime is the hardest time of year for me because I have a constitution that favors pitta and I live in a climate that can get really hot in the summer! Since like increases like, the environment I live in challenges my balanced state, and can throw me into a more heated pitta type of imbalance in the summer months. To help bring me back into balance, I always take manjistha to prevent skin imbalances, I drink cucumber-infused water, and try to spend as much time in the water as I can!

Before Ayurveda, I found myself dehydrated and exhausted most of the summer months. I'm so grateful to this seasonal awareness so now I can really enjoy my summers by camping, hiking, and swimming in the ocean.

What does the future of Ayurveda look like to you?

To me, the future of Ayurveda has an Ayurvedic health care practitioner working alongside doctors of different backgrounds across medical fields. I see Ayurveda's future as being intimately tied to environmental activism and I hope that Ayurveda inspires many to live a more natural life where they grow their own food, become aware of seasonal changes, spend more time in nature, and realize the importance of safe and sustainable practices for us and our planet. Ayurveda teaches us to pay attention to the rhythms of nature and I believe our relationship to the natural world needs nourishment now more than ever.

What's one Ayurvedic practice anyone can implement to spur change in their life, right here, right now?

We're needed. As we move toward greater inclusivity at NAMA, we'll be able to meet the needs of broader populations. This is positive.

What's one Ayurvedic practice anyone can implement to spur change in their life, right here, right now?

Scrape your tongue! You'll never go back!


Anjali Deva