Side Angle (Parsvakonasana)

A Pitta Pacifying Yoga Pose
Side Angle

Begin by standing at the top of your mat and on an exhalation, step the left foot back. Turn the upper body to the left. The stance is wide and when you extend your arms out straight from the shoulders, your right ankle should be below your right wrist and the left ankle should be below the left wrist. Rotate the left foot in about 45 degrees. With the arms extended laterally, inhale fully to expand the side body and exhale as you lunge into the right leg. Inhale to lengthen the right rib cage over the right thigh. Exhale to bring the right forearm to the top of the right thigh and bring the left hand to the left hip. Use the inhalation to open and rotate the rib cage and heart up towards the ceiling and exhale to lunge a little deeper. Enjoy a few breaths here before taking the pose to the other side.

Pitta Focus:

Breathe into the side body. Find a balance of relaxation and effort.


Builds strength, stamina and focus. Aids digestion and increases lung capacity.