Elements of Ayurveda Handout: Sun Salutation

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Elements of Ayurveda Handout: Sun Salutation

Introduce your clients to the Ayurvedic sun salutation practice with this take-home, easy to understand instructional sheet.



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    • Our Elements of Ayurveda handouts are easy to understand instructional sheets on Ayurvedic daily routine practices. Add the item to your cart to receive a high quality glossy version of the handout. Alternatively, you can download and print at anytime.

      Surya Namaskar is an offering of gratitude to the sun, the sustainer of life and source of nourishment on this planet. It is a series of twelve powerful yoga poses that many consider to be a complete exercise, and is a flow sequence that can be your entire yoga routine or the start of your routine. When done appropriately, Surya Namaskar is a practice that just about anyone can do (from the young child to the senior members of our society) for its many benefits.

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