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Product Reviews

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Lifw saver
By JD from New York
Anxiety and fatigue were overwhelming my life . Within days of using this product I felt like a new person.
recommended by physician, love this product
By herbal friend from Oregon
This was recommended by my physician when she thought I was mildly depressed. She must have been right. I take the Stress Ease two times/day and it lifts my spirits without making me jittery or anxious. I just feel happier and have a better attitude about life with this product.
I am me again!
By Balance4me from Va
I am going through a very stressful time, and my vata was out of wack. After just 2 days I felt a major difference. I felt lighter, happier, energized, but calm. I feel like me again! I will always keep this close by that is for sure!
Takes the edge off stress
By LFrederick from Oakland, CA
Ive been going through one of those big transition times--loss of a job, physically stressed back got tweaked, Took this product and immediately noticed the results on a stressful day when I needed something to take the edge off. Thanks for this product!
great on stress headaches
By Yachtie M from Michigan
My vata gets out of balance easily with the way my work is currently set up no fixed schedule. When I am not careful, I will get stress headaches and nerve pain in the neck shoulders and head. This product takes care of that for me very quickly.

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