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Ayurvedic Insight

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Past Issues

Issue #111, January 2013- A Resolution for Weight Loss By Shannon Mooney, Ayurvedic Consultant

Issue #110, December 2012- Coming Home for the Holidays by Premal Patel, MD, Ayurvedic Consultant

Issue #109, November 2012- What are you thankful for? by Premal Patel, MD, Ayurvedic Consultant

Issue #108, October 2012- Beat the Fall Blues by Premal Patel, MD, Ayurvedic Consultant

Issue #107, August 2012- Back to School: Ayurveda and Learning by Premal Patel, MD, Ayurvedic Consultant

Issue #106, August 2012- How Does Summer Manifest in your body by Premal Patel, MD, Ayurvedic Consultant

Issue #105, June 2012- Mid Year Check in by Premal Patel, MD, Ayurvedic Consultant

Issue #104, May 2012- The Mothers in Our Lives by Premal Patel, MD, Ayurvedic Consultant

Issue #103, April 2012- Your Liver the Master Multitasker by Alakananda Ma

Issue #102, March 2012- Spring is Coming…Clean Out the Clutter by Premal Patel, MD, Ayurvedic Consultant

Issue #101, February 2012- Love your Life...Live Your Life by Premal Patel, MD, Ayurvedic Consultant

Issue #100, January 2012- Renewal in the New Year by Premal Patel, MD, Ayurvedic Consultant

Issue #99, December 2011- Healthy Holiday Tips by Premal Patel, MD, Ayurvedic Consultant

Issue #98, November 2011- Balancing your Mind for the Holiday Season by Premal Patel, MD, Ayurvedic Consultant

Issue #97, October 2011- Healthy Joints for the Fall by Premal Patel, MD, Ayurvedic Consultant

Issue #96, September 2011- Ayurvedic Cleansing: Discover a Healthier You by Premal Patel, MD, Ayurvedic Consultant

Issue #95, August 2011- Ayurvedic Beauty and Skin Care by Premal Patel, MD, Ayurvedic Consultant

Issue #94, July 2011- Internalizing the Glories of Summer by Premal Patel, MD, Ayurvedic Consultant

Issue #93, June 2011- Men's Heatlth by Premal Patel, MD, Ayurvedic Consultant

Issue #92, May 2011- Book Excerpt: Balance Your Hormones, Balance Your Life

Issue #91, April 2011- Kula: Cultivating CommunityJoin Our Facebook Community!

Issue #90, March 2011- Blossom into Spring

Issue #89, February 2011- Love YourselfAbhyanga: Self-Massage Basics

Issue #88, September 2010- Healthy Transitions from Summer to Fall

Issue #87, July 2010- Maintaining Balance: How to manage your constitution for Optimal Health

Issue #86, June 2010- Regaining Balance: Bringing your Vikruti Back into Alignment with your Prakruti

Issue #85, May 2010- Out of Balance: How did I get here?

Issue #84, April 2010- Vikruti: Comparing your Natural State of Balance with your Current Condition

Issue #83, March 2010- Using your Ayurvedic Constitution to Cultivate Greater Self-awareness and Understanding

Issue #82, February 2010- The Benefits of Understanding Your Ayurvedic Constitution

Issue #81, December 2009- Staying Balanced During Kapha Season

Issue #80, November 2009- Ayurvedic Support for Mild Anxiety

Issue #79, October 2009- Balancing Vata During the Fall Season

Issue #78, September 2009- Boost Immunity With Ayurveda

Issue #77, August 2009- Ayurvedic Support for a Clear Complexion

Issue #76, July 2009- The Ayurvedic Use of Herbs

Issue #75, June 2009- Ayurvedic Support for Heart Health

Issue #74, May 2009- Ayurvedic Support for Urinary Tract Infections

Issue #73, April 2009- The Six Tastes of Ayurvedic Nutrition

Issue #72, January 2009- Simple Steps to Sharpen Memory

Issue #71, December 2008- Staying Healthy Through the Holidays

Issue #70, July 2008- Cleansing Excess Pitta from the Body

Issue #69, June 2008- Ayurveda and Virility

Issue #68, May 2008- Ayurvedic Support for Fibromyalgia

Issue #67, April 2008- Asthma and Hay Fever

Issue #66, March 2008- Supporting Thyroid Function

Issue #65, January 2008- Mindful Eating

Issue #64, December 2007- Vata Rejuvenation

Issue #63, November 2007- Understanding Vata Digestion

Issue #62, October 2007- Go Green for Good Health

Issue #61, September 2007- A Mindful Menopause with

Issue #59, July 2007- An Ayurvedic Approach to Cleansing Parasites

Issue #58, June 2007- An Ayurvedic Approach to Prostate Health

Issue #57, May 2007- Women's Reproductive Health

Issue #56, April 2007- Healthy, Beautiful Skin with Ayurveda

Issue #55, March 2007- Ease Hay Fever with Ayurveda

Issue #54, February 2007- Beat the Winter Blues with Ayurveda

Issue #53, January 2007- New Year, New Body: Ayurvedic Tips for Weight Management

Issue #52, December 2006- Breathe: Ayurvedic Tips for Healthy Lungs

Issue #51, November 2006- Sweet Dreams with Ayurveda

Issue #50, September 2006- Ayurveda and Heart Health

Issue #49, August 2006- An Ayurvedic Perspective on Allergies

Issue #48, July 2006- Article: A Summer Recipe for Healthy Skin

Issue #47, June 2006- Cultivating Contentment

Issue #46, January 2006- New Year, New Routine

Issue #45, December 2005- Neti: Cleansing the Nose for Balanced Breathing

Issue #44, August 2005- Herb for the Season: Neem

Issue #43, July 2005- Herb for the Season: Amalaki

Issue #42, May 2005- Spring Cleaning From The Inside – Out

Issue #41, March 2005- Boosting Energy and Fighting Fatigue

Issue #40, February 2005- Maintaining a Healthy Colon

Issue #39, January 2005- A Resolution for Weight Loss

Issue #38, December 2004- Digestion and Immune Function

Issue #37, November 2004- Supporting Digestion During Vata Season

Issue #36, October 2004- Dinacharya: Balance and Daily Routine

Issue #35, September 2004- Ayurvedic Tips for Beautiful Hair

Issue #34, August 2004- Ayurvedic Tips for Healthy Joints

Issue #33, July 2004- Nurturing Ourselves

Issue #32, June 2004- Pitta Season Skin Care

Issue #30, April 2004- The Breath Within the Stone

Issue #29, March 2004- Nasya, Nurturing Your Nose

Issue #28, February 2004- Nadi Shodhana, The Breath of Balance

Issue #27, January 2004- Tips For Maintaining an Exercise Regime

Issue #26, December 2003- Tips For a Peaceful Holiday Season

Issue #25, November 2003- Abhyanga - Ayurvedic Oil

Issue #24, October 2003- Herb for the Season: AshwagandhaAyurvedic Recipe: Four Star Vegetable Soup

Issue #23, September 2003- Transitioning Through the Seasons

Issue #22, August 2003- An Ayurvedic Perspective on Anger Management

Issue #21, July 2003- Managing Hyperacidity

Issue #20, June 2003- Healthy Skin for the Summer

Issue #19, April 2003- Cultivating Prana

Issue #18, March 2003- Spring Back Into Health and Restore Your Natural Balance

Issue #17, February 2003- Kapha-Reducing Lifestyle Tips

Issue #16, January 2003- Ten Tips For Achieving a Healthier Diet

Issue #15, December 2002- Natural Ways to Keep Calm This Holiday Season

Issue #14, November 2002- Natural Ways to Enhance Immunity During Cold and Flu Season

Issue #13, October 2002- Ayurvedic Basics

Issue #12, September 2002- Simple Steps to Reduce Stress and Achieve Balance

Issue #11, August 2002- Better Health By Establishing A Daily

Issue #10, July 2002- Ayurvedic Lifestyle Tips To Keep You Cool This Summer

Issue #9, June 2002- Ayurvedic Diet Tips To Keep You Cool And Calm This Summer

Issue #8, May 2002- Simple Ways To A Happier and Healthier Feminine Cycle

Issue #7, April 2002- Spring AheadAyurvedic Remedies for Allergies

Issue #6, March 2002- How To Maintain Strong Immunity

Issue #5, February 2002- Prajnaparadha: The Ayurvedic Concept of Imbalance

Issue #4, January 2002- Losing Weight During Kapha SeasonAyurvedic

Issue #3, December 2001- Eating with the SeasonsAyurvedic  

Issue #2, October 2001- Changing Seasons, Changing ClimatesAre you Vata, Pitta or Kapha?

Issue #1, July 2001- 12 Tips for Managing your Pitta this SummerAyurvedic Herbs for Reducing Pitta


Karyn Chabot, Julie Deife,

Dr. John Douillard, Chitra Giuque, Dr. Marc Halpern, Nicole Hinterstocker, Kaya Mindlin, Shannon Mooney,

Amadea Morningstar, Dr. Premal Patel, Melissa A. Sfida,

Dr. Robert Svoboda, Dr. Claudia Welch, Dr. Martina Ziska
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