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Ayurvedic Hair Products

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Ayurvedic hair products are stimulating and nourishing to promote healthy hair growth, color and lustrous appearance. While modern conventional hair products treat the superficial outer layer of the hair, the Ayurvedic approach is holistic. Ayurvedic hair products get to the root of the hairs – both the literal hair roots and the underlying metabolic processes that lead to the state of health of your hair.

Banyan Botanicals offers deep acting Ayurvedic hair products that support a healthy scalp, nourished hair roots and thick, shiny beautiful hair.


Healthy Hair (tablets):

  • Supports robust hair growth*
  • Promotes natural color & luster*
  • Bolsters hair strength & thickness*
  • Supports nourished tissues overall*


Bhringaraj Oil:

Use for head massage (see instructions below)

  • Promotes nourished & rejuvenated scalp and hair roots*
  • Maintains a cooled head & calm mind*
  • Supports favorable growth, luster, and nourishment of hair*


Bhringaraj Leaf (Powder):

The main ingredient in Healthy Hair & Bhringaraj Oil

  • A tonic for healthy hair color, luster & growth*
  • Promotes healthy hair, nails, bones, teeth, sight & skin*
  • Supports a cool & clear mind and memory* 

Your hair is a mirror that reflects the state of your bones, digestive system and nervous system. Ayurvedic hair products can be used in conjunction with lifestyle practices for overall wellbeing.


Lifestyle Practices to Compliment Ayurvedic Hair Products

  • Head Massage – Before or after washing, gently massage your scalp in circular motions with Bhringaraj Oil. Work your fingertips rhythmically and gently from the crown of your head (the center top) outward toward your ears and the base of your skull (where your neck begins). Daily or weekly head massage supports circulation and nourished hair roots.
  • Diet – Healthful, whole, unrefined and organic foods nourish all of the tissues of your body – including your hair.  Whole grains and proteins, organic dairy, and natural fats like sesame oil and seeds, coconut oil, coconut water and ghee (clarified butter) promote lustrous hair.
  • Relaxation – Restful and soothing practices support your overall health by promoting your ability to handle life’s stress. In addition to Ayurvedic hair products, meditation, yoga, spending time in nature, massage and calming herbal formulas and teas can promote healthy tissue metabolism, including the metabolic processes that lead to hair growth.
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